SES was the geotechnical engineering firm of record on this $91.5 million design-build project at Tyndall AFB. The new 221,261 sq. ft., five-story lodging facility will offer 360 guest rooms, featuring 18 business suites, and guest service areas including a restaurant, business center, training rooms, fitness area, laundry, and administrative services. This project consisted of constructing a heavy steel frame and pre-cast concrete panel structure designed to anticipate column loads within the range of 150 to 700 kips, with wall loads up to 5 ksf. To combat construction timelines and high settlement estimates, SES worked extensively with the project contractor and project Structural Engineers to create a two-step solution. The first step was to surcharge the building pad area to allow the anticipated settlements to subside to an allowable parameter. The second step was to install Geopiers beneath structural elements (footings, etc.) to allow for higher soil bearing capacity and, additionally, limit settlements even more. SES installed piezometers for settlement monitoring to take place for the first step of work. Once the allowable settlement had occurred, SES provided the go-ahead for the additional construction to commence.  We anticipate this method of construction resulted in thousands of dollars saved compared to installing deep foundations and provided a faster construction schedule allowing the work to be completed within the required timeframe. The facility is anticipated to be completed and open in 2024.

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