Commitment to Safety

Program Objectives

At Southern Earth Sciences, Inc. safety is our number one concern.  Over the past few years, our workers have been making the transition to a culture of safety. This has become a core value at our company; one that influences us every day, all day.  Our managers are committed and determined to do everything possible to provide our workers with a safe working environment. In other words, we do this, so that they can go home each day safe and sound.

Above all, we strive to eliminate all accidents and injuries to our workers.

Applicants are screened using strenuous background checks, and tested for drug use using state-of-the-art hair testing. We also use a random drug testing program that subjects 20% of our workers to random drug tests annually. Our program includes testing for cause as well as post-accident testing.

New worker orientation that is tailored to suit each newly hired employee. This lasts a minimum of two days before being cleared for work.

On-line training is administered on a continuing basis for all personnel.

Quarterly company-wide meetings are mandatory and held at each SES location.

We have a working committee comprised of our Safety Director (full-time position) as well as one Safety Officer from each of our 10 office locations. The committee meets via teleconference on a weekly basis. It drives the program, evaluates and recommends improvements. Workers who are injured must participate in a committee meeting to tell their story. They are subjected to questions about the injury by members of the committee.

Each office location is inspected by the Safety Director on an annual basis.

We keep at least one person at each office that is first aid and CPR trained.

Our workers are allowed the authority to stop work if they encounter a situation that is unsafe.

Near miss reports are the responsibility of the workers. They are made directly to the Safety Director. There is never any repercussions from filing a near miss report.

Supervisors conduct monthly on-site PPE inspections on a random basis to assure that our workers are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment correctly.

The Safety Director delivers a 2-minute safety update voice message every Monday at 9:00 am. This goes to every employee to provide updates about our safety program.  In conclusion, this encourages them to start off the week making safety a priority.

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