SES provided subsurface exploration and preliminary engineering evaluation services for the Port of Gulfport’s Dupont Silo Relocation Study. The project was to consist of one of three options with varying numbers of new construction silos (ranging from 6 to 10) and/or the relocation of existing silos. In support of the investigation, SES performed nine (9) Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) soundings and seven (7) soil test borings within the proposed silo foundation areas.

CPT soundings were advanced to depths ranging from 55 to 85 feet below existing ground. Conventional soil test borings were advanced to depths ranging from approximately 100 to 125 feet below existing grade. Laboratory testing included physical examination, classification and strength testing of samples obtained during the soil test boring operation. Specifically, testing included Moisture Content Determination, No. 200 Sieve Washes, Atterberg Limits Tests, Consolidation Tests and Unconsolidated Undrained and Consolidated Undrained (with pore pressure measurements) Triaxial Compressive Strength Tests. SES engineers provided site development and foundation recommendations including pile capacity estimates for the varying types and sizes of piles.

Upon completion of geotechnical engineering services, SES was retained to oversee the pre-design pile load test program. A pre-design pile load test program was selected to maximize efficiency of the foundation design by assessing several different pile sizes and determining the maximum achievable pile capacity of each. The pile load test program consisted of a total of four (4) Static Compression load tests, two (2) Static Tension Load Tests, one (1) Static Lateral Load Test and High Strain Dynamic Testing (PDA Testing) on a total of twelve (12) test/probe piles. SES conducted all PDA Testing and provided oversight of the static load tests. SES engineers compiled the load test and PDA testing results into one report to provide pile design and installation recommendation for the entire $100 million dollar project.

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