Airbus made history with its decision to create an A320 Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama. SES was proud to be a part of this historic $600-million facility. Along with serving as the Geotechnical Engineer of Record, our firm provided construction materials testing and special inspections under multiple contracts.

The half-million sq. ft. facility is comprised of nine buildings and several acres of heavy duty pavement and aircraft taxiway. The FAL-US is the first facility of its type for Airbus on US soil and, when operating at full capacity, has the capacity produce four Airbus A320 aircraft per month.

Upon fulfillment of our geotechnical contract, SES was again selected by Airbus and the Program Management Team (HOAR Program Management) to provide Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and Special Inspection Services for various subcontracts throughout construction.

SES’s initial CMT responsibility was to administer and oversee the extensive test pile and quality assurance program which consisted of 25 static compression, tension and lateral load tests and High Strain Dynamic Testing (HSDT) on 25 probe and production piles. Upon completion of the test pile program, SES was responsible for monitoring the installation of over 3,500 DeWaal piles as well as testing and inspection of basement construction and waterproofing of over a half mile of cast in place tunnel and media channel.

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