About Southern Earth Sciences, Inc.

Southern Earth SciencesSouthern Earth Sciences, Inc. (SESI) was founded in 1976 to provide the construction industry with complete geotechnical consulting and materials testing services. SESI has since grown to nine offices spanning three states and providing services throughout the southeast.

Established originally to provide innovative solutions to unusual foundation problems, our growth has expanded into virtually every aspect of geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and environmental consulting. Professional integrity and our commitment to excellence have resulted in the successful completion of thousands of significant projects. This proven record has inspired our clients’ confidence and has sustained the company’s continued growth.

Subsurface Investigations

SESI has extensive experience with Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), Vibracore, conventional SPT Testing, Macro Core and Rock Coring. To accompany these services, SESI has USACE Validated, AMRL Accredited and DEQ Qualified laboratories. Our equipment is mounted on a variety of versatile platforms including trucks, tracks, marsh buggies, barges, etc. to make access to difficult sites possible.

Geotechnical Engineering

SESI’s diverse team of registered engineers and geologists routinely solve complex site issues through innovative foundation solutions. Typical services include:

  • High Strain Dynamic (PDA) Testing of Deep Pile Foundations
  • Low Strain Non Destructive Sonic Echo/Impulse Response Pile Integrity Testing
  • Slope Stability
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Systems Instrumentation

Construction Materials Testing

SESI testing laboratories are completely outfitted to perform ASTM and AASHTO testing of soils, concrete, asphalt and metals. Our laboratories hold certifications from the US Army Corps of Engineers, American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), CMEC in Florida, and LDEQ in Louisiana. SESI employs highly-qualified, registered professionals trained to provide IBC Special Inspections.

Environmental Services

SESI offers a full range of environmental services to assist in ensuring that state and federal environmental regulations and qualities are maintained. Services include Site Assessments, Landfills & Solid Waste Management, Underground Storage Tanks contractor and Asbestos/Lead Services.


Our Qualifications

ADEM Approved
Alabama Department of Environmental Management

FDEP Approved
Qualified Contractor #00247

MDEQ Approved
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

NIOSH Certified

AASHTO Accredited

CMEC Accredited

US Army Corps of Engineers Validated

FDOT Certified

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